Covid-19 Care Fund

The purpose of the Covid-19 Care Fund for The Moncton Hospital is to support the immediate and evolving needs of our doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals and administrators who are working tirelessly to keep our community safe during this time of uncertainty. The funds will be distributed to areas of greatest need, determined by healthcare administrators and providers. Gifts could be used for critical lifesaving equipment, patient needs, technology and supports they require to provide the best possible care and safety for all patients – and themselves.

As of May 19, 2021 $93,768.31 has been raised.


$1,000 went towards a staff appreciation BBQ in September.  


Seven donor funded IPads with stands have been purchased to allow patients to communicate with their families. In these days of visitor restrictions, the time can be long for patients.


Two phlebotomy chairs for the new clinic at the coliseum have been purchased.


The fund is also covering the cost of TV service to patients who can’t afford to pay. 


CPR - Chest Compression System $15,000 – This item is an easy-to-use mechanical chest compression device that helps lifesaving teams deliver high-quality, guidelines-consistent chest compressions to sudden cardiac arrest patients in the hospital. Having this machine allows a staff member to do other critical things during a code. Also helps if the code is a lengthy one, as staff tire doing compressions for an extended period. Device has arrived in its new home in the ER.


These are just a few examples of how donors to the fund are helping staff and patients through this crisis with their gift. Any remaining funds will be reallocated to on-going patient care priorities. #weareallinthistogether


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