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The following is a list of NAMED Endowments for The Moncton Hospital:

Vaughn and Ruth Adair Endowment Fund 

The Alward Family Endowment Fund

Elizabeth Bannon Endowment Fund

Gilbert Bowness 

J.J. Dunphy Family Endowment Fund

Isadore and Esther Fine Endowment Fund 

Bud and Betty Fogarty Endowment Fund

Jim and Helen Gibson Endowment Fund 

John and Shirley Hawryluk Endowment Fund

Charles and Vicki Lawson Family Endowment Fund

Imelda Leger Endowment Fund 

Dr. Donald MacLellan Medical Education and Research Fund 

Anne MacBeath Endowment Fund 

Ronald E. and Margurite (Peg) MacBeath Staff Education Endowment Fund

Jack Madden Endowment Fund

Gloria and Angus McDonald Endowment Fund

Dr. Fred and Mrs. Joyce Murphy Endowment Fund 

Patrick and Ethel Murray Endowment Fund 

Johannes Notten and Olive and Jean Firlotte Bursary Endowment Fund 

Provincial Chapter of New Brunswick IODE Endowment Fund

William (Bill) and Thyra Quartermain Endowment Fund

William and Audrey Sawdon Endowment Fund

Robert and Minnie (Beals) Sowerby Endowment Fund

Laura Jean Stevens Endowment Fund 

Simon (Cy) and Nancy Stein Family Endowment Fund 

St-Hubert Endowment Fund

Cy and Nancy Stein and Family Endowment Fund 

Corey and Leah Trenholm Endowment Fund

The following is a list of SPECIFIED Endowments for The Moncton Hospital:


Education Trust Fund

Community Health Research Endowment

Health Sciences Endowment

Pastoral Care Education Endowment

Friends Education Fund

The following is a list of Friends’ Endowment Builders for The Moncton Hospital:


Mildred H. Ahearn

Therese Allain 

Margaret Phyllis Atkinson

Truman Babcock 

Lon Blackmore 

Alphee Bourgeois

Leonore Boyd 

Mary Beatrice Ferris Brown

Eleanor Cameron

Alice and Louis Cassidy

Marieta Chapman 

Russell A. Cochrane

Lillian A. Davidson

Mary Edna Dysart

Robert Ervin

Ken and Marilyn Fenwick

Myrtle Geldart 

Wynona Geldart

Jean Groves

Zelda Haley

Joan Hollingum

George and Leota Horsman

Placidie LeBlanc

Raymond L. LeBlanc 

Ralph MacLeod

Phyllis MacMillan 

Elspeth Ross McBeath

Margaret McQuinn 

Eleanor and W.R. Mitchell 

Flora Mitchell

Edna Glendeen Mitton 

Leo David Murphy

Constance Patricia O'Brian Nichols 

Phyllis Oxley

Milton Palmer 

Joseph Perin

Sheila Perry 

Jim and Ruby Pike 

Maria Rave

Elaine Robinson

Edith F. Rosenow 

Adelle Rubin

Vaughn Scott 

Robert Beemer Thomas

Norman Thornton

Douglas H. Waneck

Zelda West 

Elizabeth Woodhouse

Marielle Zinc




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